Defended to Death: Study of the Nuclear Arms Race
The Logic of Deterrence
Crisis Over Cruise, A Plain Guide to the New Weapons
The Earth Brokers: Power, Politics and World Development
The Economics of Militarism
The Politics of Nuclear Disarmament
Revolution Betrayed, What Is the Soviet Union and Where Is It Going?
The Media Machine
Politics of Alternative Defence: A Role for Non-nuclear Britain
Humanity and Nature: Process and Pattern in Ecology
A Skeleton Service: The Welfare State Under the Tories
The Political Economy of Racism: A History
News Ltd: Why You Can't Read All About It
Fueling the Nuclear Arms Race: The Links Between Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons
The Summer Before the Frost: Solidarity in Poland
Of Bread and Guns. The World Economy in Crisis
The British Economic Disaster
About Turn: Alternative Use of Defence Workers Skills
The Political Economy of Health
Offence of the Realm: How Peace Campaigners Get Bugged
The Welfare State
This England 1979-1988
Atoms For War - How Nuclear Energy Fuels the Arms Race
Fiction International 19:2 (Aids Art, Photomontages from Germany and England)
War and Peace: Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education
Books for a Nuclear Age
London Magazine
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