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   I hope that this site can be a catalyst for thought surrounding the issues I'm dealing with in my artwork. So if you have any comments, questions, queries, or just want to get in touch, use the feedback tools on this page to let me - and the world - know what you have to say...


Use the form-based website mailer

   If you haven't got an e-mail client installed at your end, or are unsure about the e-mail setup on your computer, use the form based e-mailer. It'll send me your e-mail through the website.

Use your local e-mail client

   If you've got an Outlook Express/Eudora-type e-mail client working on your system, use this option to send me an e-mail.

Discussion Forum:

   If you want to make yourself heard in the public domain, you can post a message in the site forum. It's not a real-time chat room, so the messages you post stay up when you leave. This can allow for discussion and debate, with other people replying to your comments, and adding their own ideas.

General discussion Forum


I can be contacted by post at the following address:

Peter Kennard
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore
United Kingdom