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    Using this page you can generate a letter with all the prices, and details of your order worked out for you. All you need to do is complete the following form, submit it, and print out the resulting letter.
    Or you can send a letter with your cheque or postal order for the total amount plus
£2.00 postage and packing to:

Peter Kennard
Photography Department
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore
United Kingdom


To use the on-line orderform, there are 3 simple steps to follow:

( This page will work only if the javascript features of your browser are functional. If javascript is not enabled within your browser, you can try to switch it on, or use this basic print out orderform)

1:  Select the book(s) you want to buy. The titles 'Dispatches from an Unofficial War Artist' and 'Domesday Book' can be ordered on-line using your credit card, or off-line by cheque, direct from their respective publishers.                     

 No. Of Copies: Title:  ISBN: Price:
  Images for the End of the Century 0-9522941-5-X £ 9.99
  UNWORDS 1-85172-032-4 £ 4.99
  No Nuclear Weapons 0-86104-337-5 £ 8.99

   Fill in your name, and address that you want the books to be posted to. Please note that these details will not be received or logged by our computers. If you wish to bypass this section and hand-write your name and address onto the final printed out letter please click here


First Name:  

Second Name:  






 [ If you can't get either of the forms to work satisfactorily, then please contact me and I'll send an orderform out to you. ]