Touring Exhibition Brochure

Solo Exhibitions

2017                                   State of the Nations Diffusion Photography Festival, Cardiff

2016                                            Peter Kennard Off Message, mac, Birmingham

2016                                           @earth, Ideas Store, Canary Wharf, London

2015                                            Peter Kennard: Unofficial War Artist, Imperial War Museum, London

2014                                           Demotalk, Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival

2013                                            Blue Murder, Hang Up Gallery, London (kennardphillipps)

2013                                            Images of Resistance: Peter Kennard Retrospective, Gallery Fifty 24MX, Mexico City

2012                                            Occupy Everything, Hales Gallery, London (kennardphillipps)

2012                                            Iraq – How, Where, For Whom?, Mosaic Rooms, London (kennardphillipps)

2011                                            At Earth: Peter Kennard Retrospective, Raven Row, London

2010                                           We hope to be finished by lunchtime…., PhotoIreland Biennale, National Photographic Archive, Dublin (kennardphillipps)

2008                                          1968 STOP Paintings, Gimpel Fils, London

2008                                          Uncertified Documents: Peter Kennard Retrospective, Pump House Gallery, London

2008                                          Iraq: A Process of Resistance, Ink-D, Brighton

2007                                          Blairaq, Leonard Street Gallery, London (kennardphillipps)

2006                                          Untitled (Iraq), Photofusion, London (kennardphillipps)

2006                                          Obscenity, V22, London (kennardphillipps)

2005                                          Demo, Nørrebro Bibliotek, Copenhagen

2004                                          Award, Henry Peacock Gallery, London (kennardphillipps)

2004                                          Decoration, Gimpel Fils, London

2004                                          Decoration & Award, Street Level, Glasgow (kennardphillipps)

2004                                          Demo, City Hall, London (kennardphillipps)

2002                                          face, Gimpel Fils, London

2000                                          Domesday, Gimpels Fils, London

2000                                          Reading Room, Royal College of Art, London

1997                                          Photomontages – A 20 Year Retrospective, Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London

1997                                          Reading Room, Gimpel Fils, London

1997                                          Home, Dazed and Confused Gallery, London

1997                                          Reading Room, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

1997                                          News-Truck, Edinburgh Streets (Edinburgh Festival)

1997                                          Unwords, The Millais Gallery, Southampton

1996                                          Unwords, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre; Rowley’s House Museum, Shrewsbury

1995                                          Our Financial Times with Ken Livingston MP, Gimpel Fils, London

1995                                          Welcome to Britain, Sassoon Gallery, Folkestone

1995                                          From and Abandoned Alley, Cambridge Dark Room, Cambridge

1994                                          Welcome to Britain, Royal Festival Hall, London

1992                                          Stop (Paintings and Photomontages 1973-1991), Kent Gallery, New York

1992                                          Our 999, Gimpel Fils, London

1992                                          Welcome to Britain, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne

1992                                          Out of Order, Zone Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne

1990                                          Images for the End of the Century (Installation), Gimpel Fils, London

1990                                          Images for the End of the Century (Photomontages), Imperial War Museum, London; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

1989                                          Photomontages for Peace, United Nations, Palais des Nations, Geneva

1987                                          In a Right State, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth; Camerawork, London; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool

1985                                          Images Against War 1965-85, Barbican Centre, London

1984                                          Data 1984, Barbican Centre, London (touring UK and Germany)

1982-1983                               Dispatches from an Unofficial War Artist, County Hall, London; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford and touring

1981                                          Images for Disarmament, Institute of Contemporary Art, Arnolfini, Bristol

1980                                          No Nuclear Weapons, Camerawork, London (touring)

1978                                          A Document on Chile, Half Moon Gallery, London (touring)

1973                                          Photomontage, Photographic Study Centre, Southampton University

1971                                          Printevents, Gardner Arts Centre, Sussex University

1970                                          Generaion Newspeak Phase 2, Zeez Arts, London

1970                                          News You Missed, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

1968                                          Generation Newspeak Phase 1, St Catherine’s College, Oxford


GLC Peace Year, County Hall, 1983

GLC Peace Year, County Hall, 1983

The Cutting Edge, Barbican Art Gallery, 1992

The Cutting Edge, Barbican Art Gallery, 1992

Gardner Art Centre, Sussex University, 1971

Gardner Art Centre, Sussex University, 1971


Group Exhibitions


2017                                          After Image, Civic gallery, Trento, Italy

2016                                          A World to Win: Posters of Protest and RevolutionVictoria & Albert Museum, William Morris Gallery, London and touring

2016                                          Designer Maker UserDesign Museum, London

2015                                          Heaven and Hell, Boghossian Foundation,Brussels

2015                                          Risk, Turner Contemporary, Margate

2014                                          Keywords, Tate Liverpool

2014                                          The Postcard is a Public Work of Art, X Marks the Bokship, London (kennardphillipps)

2013                                          Caught in the Crossfire, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry

2013                                          Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War, Imperial War Museum, Manchester (kennardphillipps)

2013                                          Geographies of War: Iraq Revisited, University College, London (kennardphillipps)

2013                                          It’s a Cut Up, Flannel’s Gallery, Leeds

2013                                          Uncertain States, The Bank, Whitechapel, London (kennardphillipps)

2013                                          To Have and Have NotNoorderlicht Photofestival, Groningen, Netherlands (kennardphillipps)

2013                                          Living with War: Artists on War and Conflict, Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, Glasgow

2013                                          Architecture of War, Imperial War Museum, London

2013                                          BP Walk through British Art, Tate Britain, London

2012                                          Exotica, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia (kennardphillipps)

2012                                          Les Fleurs du mal, Museum of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw (kennardphillipps)

2012                                          Artwall, (Prague street art project) Czech Republic (kennardphillipps)

2012                                          The Wall, Photographers Gallery, London (kennardphillipps)

2012                                          New Acquisitions, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2012                                          Our Demonstration, Guardian Newsroom Gallery, London

2012                                          The Robinson Institute, Tate Britain, London

2012                                          Tracing the Century: Drawing as a Catalyst for Change, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

2011                                          The Big Society, Galerie Vallois, Paris

2011                                          Dear Lynda, White Columns, New York; Chelsea Art College Gallery, London (kennardphillipps)

2010                                          Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine, Amnesty International, London (kennardphillipps)

2010                                          Rude Britannia: British Comic Art, Tate Britain, London

2010                                          Transformed: Artist’ Books and Bookworks, Imperial War Museum, London (kennardphillipps)

2010                                          Brit Insurance Design Awards, The Design Museum, London

2009                                          Signs of Revolt: Creative Resistance and Social Movements since Seattle, Truman Brewery, London (kennardphillipps)

2009                                          Embedded Art, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin (kennardphillipps)

2008                                          Art, Media and Contested Space, Public Art Projects, Belfast (kennardphillipps)

2007                                          Antennae, Houston Centre of Photography, Houston (kennardphillipps)

2007                                          Ammunition, St Margaret’s Church Art Gallery, Norwich (kennardphillipps)

2007                                          Forms of Resistance: Artists and the desire for social change from 1871 to the present, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

2007                                          Green Zone/Red Zone, Gemak, The Free Academy, Den Hague (kennardphillipps)

2007                                          Santa’s Ghetto, Manger Square, Bethlehem, Palestine (kennardphillipps)

2006                                          Picture This, Barge House, London (kennardphillipps)

2006                                          Prints Now, Victorian & Albert Museum, London (kennardphillipps)

2006                                          Plug, County Hall, London

2006                                          Santa’s Ghetto, Oxford Street, London

2005                                          Street Art Akciok, Millenarision Park, Budapest

2005                                          East International 05 (War on War Room), The Norwich Gallery, Norwich

2005                                          Sunek/Thrust: Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia (kennardphillipps representing Britain)

2005                                          Artfutures, Bloomberg Gallery, London

2004                                          Pax Britannica, The Aquarium, London


Les Fleurs du mal , Museum of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw

Les Fleurs du mal, Museum of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw

The Cutting Edge, Barbican London, 1992

The Cutting Edge, Barbican London, 1992

Goodbye London, Neue Gesellschaft Fur Bildende Kunst, Berlin, 2010

Goodbye London, Neue Gesellschaft Fur Bildende Kunst, Berlin, 2010